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CS2 cheats updated to the newest game patch.
Fortnite cheat updated. Fixed minor bugs on AMD CPU's.
万美 PVP (PWA) 正式更新并支持。
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    • id like to say thank you for the deal on the prices recently, i really hope exclusive stays at 20 for 7 days access i have purchased over a dozen keys, and the only thing i use out of the whole menu is bones esp so i really get my moneys worth out of that one, i really hope it stays like that everything works perfectly without any problems support as always GREAT 💪
    • I want to say that.. i LOVE SMARTAIM and i think its the best cheat/hacks i have ever played with, And i will easy pay again for it! ❤️
    • I purchased this cheat for cs2 yesterday and it is awesome. So far I have only played like 6 matches on faceit and few matches in mm, so far so good 🙂  These guys are very friendly and reply almost as soon as you ask for help, best service ever!
    • I have been using their cheats since the CSGO version and they are still the market leaders, I mean they offer for the money just incredible functionality and support for anti-cheats. Aimbot is still the same as in CSGO incredibly smooth and legit, visuals work perfectly without any problems 🙂 Premier, Faceit: Works equally cool both there and there, the only thing is that you need to use different settings because not all aimbot features are safe on Faceit. I'll be switching to a lifetime subscription because I'm 100% confident in these guys   To everyone who read this I wish you a good day 🙂
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