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  1. You have already been answered and the account has been activated. Enjoy
  2. You said right, it comes with hwid spoofer and you will be able to bypass the ban from Faceit. All you need to do is run our HWID spoofer and follow our video instructions (no need to buy a new PC or router).
  3. Good afternoon, spoofer is included with every subscription whether it is 30 days or lifetime license key. It does not require BIOS intervention so you don't have to worry about the cheat somehow not running on your system.
  4. Yes. All our cheats working on secure boot and tpm 2.0 modes.
  5. On the payment page simply select the required payment method and follow the instructions.
  6. You will receive an email with an activation key and download link automatically as payment is confirmed. Regards, Bright
  7. Yes, we've been officially supporting them for a long time. You can check the status of the cheat to make sure it is safe now on this page https://smartaim.cc/index.php?/cheats-status/
  8. We support all CPUs and Systems. Yes it’s fully stream proof.
  9. Dear SmartAim customers and visitors, We have released a new update for Fortnite Multi cheat with the addition of new features and bug fixes. Changelog Fortnite Multi Private Cheat: Fixed minor bugs and crashes. Improved in-game menu. Added the ability to change the language in the loader (supported languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, German and others). Improved the aimbot and its smoothness. UEFI and LEGACY bios mods are both supported, nothing needs to be changed. Added the ability to freeze subscriptions (3 times for free). Don't forget this product is 50% off right now! 55 USD/per month instead of 110 USD/per month! Want to suggest your idea for improvement or encounter a bug or error let us know here - https://smartaim.cc/index.php?/support/ Best Regards, SmartAim.cc
  10. Glad you enjoy it! Thank you for the review.
  11. All systems in good standing. https://smartaim.cc/index.php?/cheats-status/
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