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  1. Probably not.
  2. Windows version doesn't matter whether it's a custom build of Atlas or ReviOS or regular, we tested practical on all of them, the experience is good.
  3. After every reinstallation of Windows it is recommended to use HWID Spoofer if you use cheats or software you are not sure of.
  4. I can not write here a detailed instruction because it is security measures and a guide how to use spoofer will be available after payment but I can say one thing, just download the program, press 3 buttons, restart your computer and play. And be sure to remove Faceit anti-cheat from your computer before this process.
  5. Hi @mw18 Our HWID Spoofer gives 100% guarantee to bypass Faceit ban without changing the hardware of your computer or changing the router, most likely you fell for bad software, I'm sorry. From our side everything is already time-tested and works on all systems without exception, no problems will arise. Also you will not have to change any BIOS settings to run our spoofer, everything will work literally in three clicks.
  6. Your account be activated automatically after 3 payment confirmations. Kind Regards, Daoku
  7. They can be purchased through PayPal or Visa. All available payment methods are visible in the store.
  8. Yes, we give a Discord invite after payment specifically for communication with the administration and other players. The server is private (by invitation only).
  9. I think I've given you enough information, study the feedback in more detail, it's hard to record a video on Faceit so that player names are hidden and all accounts are safe, anyway sooner or later we will make such a video. We have everything transparent, instant delivery and refund guarantee in case the cheat will not work on your computer (if our support can not help you). Hope I answered all your questions. Regards, Daoku
  10. You can check all information including real in-game screenshots on FACEIT on the product page here https://smartaim.cc/index.php?/store/category/1-cs2/. It's bypassing FACEIT very long time. We have a lot of positive reviews and have been in business for a long time. Immediately I can add that nothing supernatural in the configuration of the bios will not be, as well as our cheat quietly works in secure boot mode (faceit necessary).
  11. You will get instant access to the cheat and private forum with settings, downloads, as well as private discord and instructions. Regards, Daoku
  12. Once the payment receives 1 confirmation the download link, discord invite will be sent automatically.
  13. Yes, it supports 22h2 and newer
  14. Fortnite Multi updated and undetected.
  15. Thank you for you feedback 😊
  16. Yes. CS2 Multi cheat fully undetected on Faceit AC.
  17. Yes, spoofer included with subscription.
  18. Yes we officially support 5ewin.
  19. Cheat works in all possible screen modes, but the streaming bypass works ONLY in fullscreen mode! The main requirements are having the latest system updates installed and having a Windows 10 or 11 64 Bit system.
  20. Hello, we have been officially supporting this platform for a long time.
  21. We have activated your account 🙂
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