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CS2 cheats updated to the newest game patch.
Fortnite cheat updated. Fixed minor bugs on AMD CPU's.
万美 PVP (PWA) 正式更新并支持。

[Update] CS2 Multi cheat updated


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Dear smartaim customers and newcomers,


The changes are following:

  • Improved performance by 60% (Now there will be no drops in fps on weak PCs).
  • Fixed some bugs related to pointing through smoke.
  • Added Skinchanger.
  • Fixed Sound ESP (now sounds are heard correctly).
  • In fullscreen windowed mode, fixed a bugs with ESP.
  • Multiple improvements.


Happy cheating! 🙂


More information: https://smartaim.cc/index.php?/forum/27-private-talk/

Support: https://smartaim.cc/index.php?/support/


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